20 Piece Brush set

20 Piece Brush set

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Creating the perfect look is all down to techniques and using the perfect brushes. 

Material allows for high quality dfinish when using powder or liquid foundations.


20 piece professional brush set⠀


What's included:⠀

Large powder brush ⠀
Fan brush⠀
Mascara brush⠀
Eyeliner brush⠀
Small Smudge brush⠀
Flat contouring⠀
Smudge brush⠀
Small Blending brush⠀
Large blending brush⠀
Tapered blending brush⠀
Concealer brush⠀
Small angled brush⠀
Lipstick brush⠀
Angled Eyebrow brush ⠀
Small shading brush ⠀
Medium shading brush⠀
Large shading⠀
Pencil brush ⠀
Crease brush ⠀
Highlight brush⠀

Get ready to lo]ok superlicious using these brushes.

Material: Wood (handle)  and Nylon (hair)

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