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Become your own makeup artist

Always struggled with applying makeup?

Can't find the right shade of foundation?

Never satisfied with how some else does your makeup?

At Saima b, we love helping people and what better way than teaching our passion, knowledge and skills on applying flawless makeup.

We want to welcome you all to our masterclasses. Our aim is for everyone to walk away feeling confident in applying their own makeup.







We understand that sometimes you want to be able to do your makeup yourself, or when you kick start your career in makeup and/or hair you need the perfect blend of training and confidence building advice.

Our Masterclasses include hands-on makeup demonstrations, breaking down key techniques and products to teach. 

Our classes are taught in a step by step manner allowing you enough time to perfect the makeup, whilst we answer any questions.


We aim to empower you with confidence to be able to apply makeup perfectly.

What our masterclass covers

Glam Makeup Masterclass

• Skincare regime for all skin types
• Eyebrow definition and filling
• Full coverage concealer application
• Best medium to full foundation coverage
• What products to use to keep the makeup on all night
• Duo cut crease eye shadow look
• How to apply false lashes

• Perfect a winged eyeliner
• Highlighting hacks
• Best blusher for glamorous makeup
• Illusion of fuller/smaller lips
• Create and define your lipstick

•  Tricks on how to make the lipstick lasts longer


• Beauty products

• Luxury skincare

• Makeup brush

Date and Time:  Saturday 26th June 2021 10 am

Venue: HA6 2SQ

Tickets: Click on book now to purchase from the shop




Natural Makeup Masterclass


•  Focusing on skin preparation
• Explaining makeup techniques and application
• Eyebrow definition and filling
• Best concealer to use for a natural look
• Best natural foundation coverage
• What product to use to keep the makeup on all night
• Natural clean eye shadow look
• How to apply false lashes
• Highlighting to keep it natural
• Best blusher for natural makeup
• Illusion of fuller/smaller lips
• Best lip shades and types


Date and Time :  Monday 13th September 2021 10 am

Venue: TBC

Tickets: Click on book now to purchase from the shop


"Saima is a very talented make up artist and was a natural in explaining her step by step routine. Her passion shone through and it was lovely to see how easy make up application can actually be and how we can all do it. I cannot wait to try out my newly learnt skills today on applying my make up and eyelashes today for my night out. Thank you Saima!

- Nasira from Bray

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